Administrative Hearings

Administrative Hearings Foster Care Licensing Hearings

If you are a foster parent who has had your foster care license suspended or revoked, you will need an attorney experienced in getting such licenses reinstated. These types of cases are extremely complicated and hard-fought, and there is an attorney for the state of California on the other side who is intent on taking away your passion as well as your employment. However, we have been successful in taking on these attorneys and beating them in order to get back your license, your business, and your love. Tot Law, APC Foster Care Licensing attorneys are available to answer any questions you have on these difficult matters, and we are happy to meet with you to assess your case and to determine whether we might be able to help.

Lifeline Certificate Reinstatement Hearings

For individuals who have lost their Lifeline certificates – and with it their ability to provide licensed daycare services – our Tot Law, APC attorneys can help you to oppose this determination and fight for the reinstatement of your license. Much like the foster care licensing hearings discussed above, these types of cases are exceptionally complicated, and a knowledgeable and tenacious attorney can mean the difference between getting you’re your livelihood and losing your license forever. Call us now for a free analysis of your case by a Lifeline certificate reinstatement lawyer in order to fight the state’s decision and reinstate your license as soon as possible.

Foster Care /Adoption Funding Issues

Our Tot Law, APC attorneys also help when foster care and adoptive caregivers are not receiving the proper funding for their care. These individuals are allowed to have an attorney represent them at the hearing on funding, and we recommend that care providers who find themselves in this position think seriously about retaining counsel so as to give themselves the best possible chance of success. At Tot Law, APC, we have foster care / adoption funding attorneys who are ready to begin preparing your case immediately!