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Welcome to Tot Law, APC, San Diego’s first and only law firm focusing primarily on a child’s best interest. Tot Law, APC’s attorneys specialize in legal matters involving children such as Family Law (divorce, child custody, child support, military issues, etc.), Guardianships (including Temporary Guardianships), Adoptions (independent, stepparent, etc.), Child Protective Services (“CPS”) investigations and Juvenile Dependency cases involving CPS, Child Abuse Central Index (“CACI”) Grievance Hearings, cases involving Grandparents’ Rights to visitation and custody, Foster Care Licensing Hearings, Foster Care/Adoption Payment Hearings, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status cases, and Special Needs Trusts all from a centrally located and easily accessible office in San Diego.

Tot Law, APC was founded to fill a gaping hole in San Diego’s legal community. Namely, that there wasn’t a law office specializing in legal issues affecting parents, grandparents, foster parents, and other caregivers who only want what is best for their children. Moreover, there wasn’t a law firm with San Diego children's rights lawyers who would have the skill and expertise across multiple legal fields to ensure that no issue was missed and the child’s interests served. Also, there wasn’t another group of attorneys willing to stake their reputation on the notion that the interests of a child should be at the forefront of any legal proceedings which involve them.

These are the reasons we founded Tot Law, APC. We wanted to fill this gap and provide a necessary service, and we believe we have done so such that we are well-known, well-respected, and well-feared by our opponents. In areas of law such as Family Law (divorce/dissolution, child custody, child support, military issues, etc.), Guardianships, Adoptions, cases against Child Protective Services (CPS) / Child Welfare Services (CWS), CACI Grievance Hearings, cases involving grandparents’ rights, cases involving De Facto Parents, foster care licensing hearings, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status cases, special needs trusts and some others, our attorneys provide our clients with the highest quality representation because this is what you (and your children) deserve.

Tot Law, APC attorneys are leaders in the field, continuously called on to show that the interests of a child are best served by granting our clients’ requests, asked by many other attorneys to consult with them and help them to advocate for their clients, and further serving as the go-to attorneys for Southern California agencies and organizations who want to feel confident that they are sending their referrals to lawyers they trust to get the job done.

Our lawyers are also honest and trustworthy, and we would never practice otherwise. We know that our status as the premier San Diego law office for children’s issues is only as good as our reputation… a reputation we insist on proving every single day. We are in this field because it is obvious that the good people of San Diego are not receiving the legal representation they deserve when it comes to issues involving their children’s custody and other matters affecting a child’s best interest, and from day one we have aimed to right this wrong. Our founder is a former Special Education teacher who is inspired daily by our clients’ efforts to fight for their children’s interests. He has represented thousands of parents, children, relatives, foster parents and others who care about children and want what’s best for them in a multitude of different cases and arenas, and he has brought this considerable wealth of experience to Tot Law, APC in order to benefit our clients and their families.

In sum, we are a law office centered around helping our clients to achieve what is best for their children. If this sounds like something you might need, or if you just want to talk about your situation to determine if we can help, call us now at 619.794.2018. Our San Diego children's rights attorneys always offer free initial consultations in order to give you the opportunity to meet us to see for yourself whether our law office is the right one for you, and we can work with you in order to analyze your case and present options for you to consider. Contact us now, and if our owner isn’t in court fighting for another client’s child, or playing with his own children, he will return your call or email and discuss with you the way in which we can begin to fight for your family’s best interest. We look forward to speaking with you!

  • "I'm in the military and had a very unique case. Paul was not only compassionate and understanding but walked me through the process and answered all my questions throughly. My military schedule was very difficult at times and Paul worked around it and went completely out of his way to make me feel at ease. He kept me updated and every meeting we had was planned out. I would HIGHLY recommend Paul to anyone." - Chris H
  • "I found Paul in my time of need. I had one month till my court date. He worked with me to get everything I needed filed on time and in order. He was very respectful and generous with his time to fit with my crazy schedule. Once my court date arrived he was able to help me fight for what was right. I will hire him again if I ever need to!" - Rebecca P.
  • "Trustworthy, Responsive, Customer-Oriented, and Good Written Work! Paul was very attentive, understanding and sympathetic. Unlike other lawyers, he was not aggressive, not pushing me to hire him. Instead he provided me an honest overview. With his help, I was able to fully accomplish my goals." - Susan B.
  • "You were OUTSTANDING in all respects in representing me. You were stellar. Thanks so much for all you did for me. I hope you have a great holiday season with your little ones - I know I certainly will - and will remember that YOU helped make it possible." - Teresa D.
  • "Great Lawyer! Paul didn't nickel and dime me like the disaster of my previous lawyer did. Paul was very pleasant and remained very professional unlike my previous lawyer. I will use Paul in the future if needed and would recommend Paul." - Marti B.
Picture of Paul A. Swiller
Paul A. Swiller


Paul A. Swiller (UCLA, UC Hastings COL) is an attorney designated by the State Bar of California as a Child Welfare Law Specialist. Prior to starting Tot Law, APC, Mr. Swiller was a special education teacher and athletic coach, a service volunteer in AmeriCorps, and then an attorney representing thousands…

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Picture of Elizabeth P. Swiller
Elizabeth P. Swiller


Elizabeth Pulido Swiller is a founding partner at Tot Law, APC, a native of San Diego, and bilingual in Spanish and English. Mrs. Swiller is a pivotal asset at Tot Law, APC. Prior to becoming an attorney, Mrs. Swiller was a paralegal for a certified family law specialist for over 7 years where she learned the nuts and ...

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Picture of Linda a. Jazo
Linda a. Jazo


Linda A. Jazo is a founding partner at Tot Law, APC who has represented family law clients in San Diego County since 2004. Ms. Jazo represents clients in all aspect of family law, including child custody and visitation, child and spousal support, division of assets and debts, and restraining order matters...

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Kelley James

Of Counsel

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