Fees and Costs

At Tot Law, APC, we have a client-centric way of doing business which maximizes our clients’ satisfaction as well as our effectiveness. Please see our testimonials page to see for yourself how we have managed to be both highly effective as well as cost-efficient for our clients. We are not a legal “mill” who will treat each case the same because the needs of each of our clients are different and unique. We will also not “upsell” our clients on services which will not benefit your case. In fact, we pledge to always try to maintain fees as low as possible while also representing you with the skill and expertise all our clients deserve. What this means to you is that our Tot Law, APC attorneys are continuously advising our clients as to what you need to do and what steps are necessary to accomplish our mutual goals (as well as those steps which are unnecessary and unhelpful), and we always do so with a focus on maximizing your hard-earned money so as to make your time as our client as pleasant and advantageous as possible. In sum, we value your business, treat you as a friend, work as hard as we can to accomplish your goals, and work just as hard to create bonds with our clients which allow us to serve your future legal needs as well as the needs of your friends and family. In fact, we engage in no advertising and gain most of our new clients from our existing clients telling their loved ones about the special representation they received from the attorneys at our office. We have created these lifelong relationships by charging reasonable fees and working exceptionally hard for our clients, and we intend to do the same for you.