Grandparent Rights/Relative Rights

In cases ranging from juvenile dependency law (cases against CPS), guardianships, family court hearings, and adoptions, grandparents and relative have rights to petition the court for custody or visitation of a child. However, grandparents and relatives must act on these rights, and our attorneys will be there to make the process as smooth and successful as possible. We specialize in all manners of custody proceedings, and can advise our clients on the best possible ways in which to achieve their goals.

Cases Involving CPS: If you are a grandparent/relative and a child who is related to you is being investigated by Child Protective Services / Child Welfare Services, you have rights and certain abilities which can help the child avoid foster care and instead live with you or another loved one. Similarly, if you are a relative with a child in foster care, you need to know your rights involving placement of the child in order to get that child into a trusted and loving home. You also have the right to request visits with a related child. Although social workers must evaluate relatives for placement of a child, and should be evaluating them for visits as well, they often will not do so unless their feet are put to the fire. This is where Tot Law, APC Grandparent Rights and Relative Rights attorneys come in. If you have a similar situation, call us today so that we can tell you your rights and ensure that you and the child are being properly treated and protected. Likewise, if you are a relative with whom a child has been placed by CPS/CWS but your voice is not being heard by the social worker, contact us now so that we can help. Time is of the essence in these cases, so do not delay. We are happy to discuss with you any options you may have, and offer free initial consultations to determine if we can help.

Legal Guardianships: Our Tot Law, APC Guardianship attorneys specialize in helping people with the informal care of a child to become legal guardians over that child in order to be officially recognized as the legal custodian of the child. Such a designation typically allows the guardian to arrange medical care for the child (and put the child on the guardian’s insurance plan), make educational decisions for the child, and in most ways control the custody of a child. Additionally, this process limits a parent’s ability to come to a guardian’s door and take the child back, and usually provides for very specific visitation plans for the child and the parents. We assist in cases in which the guardian is in conflict with the parents, and also where the parents agree, and we will make the process as efficient and smooth as possible. To start the process, or simply to figure out whether guardianship is right for you, call our Tot Law, APC Guardianship attorneys today!

Family Law Cases: In situations when a relative seeks visitation rights with a child but is being denied such visitation, our Tot Law, APC Grandparent Rights and Relative Rights attorneys can help. The Family Court is empowered to grant visitation of a child to non-parents when it is in that child’s best interest. We have helped many relatives receive visitation orders from a court, and we always look forward to helping people in this situation to reestablish a connection with the child. Call now to discuss the rights you have and the options you can take!