Special Military Issues

Family Law - Special Military Issues

Family Law Here at Tot Law in San Diego, we appreciate and thank all individuals serving in our armed forces. To show our appreciation, we always offer a 10% military discount on legal fees to all active servicemembers. It’s our way of saying thanks for what you do to keep us all safe.

There are many legal issues affecting military members. Child support, child custody and visitation, spousal support, and division of military retirement benefits are all matters which are litigated on behalf of service members stationed here or abroad. Tot Law’s San Diego military attorneys have a great deal of experience addressing these issues, and we have a successful track record in achieving the goals of our military clients.

Child Support / Spousal Support

Special issues involving military members and child support and spousal support are important to understand before or during any legal proceedings. Although our members of the armed services are tragically underpaid for the important work they perform, BAH pay and BAS pay both can make an enormous difference in the child support and spousal support obligations for a service member. Our San Diego military attorneys are there to explain these issues every step of the way, and to zealously advocate for our clients’ wishes so that our military members are given the protections and representation each so richly deserves.

Divorce and Military Retirement Pay

Tot Law, APC’s San Diego military attorneys can also help members of our armed forces to understand the effects of divorce on military retirement pay so that these benefits can be protected to the fullest extent of the law. Don’t get taken advantage of… Call Tot Law, APC’s military attorneys today!

Orders to Relocate (“Move Away” Cases and Visitation Modifications)

Another common legal issue for San Diego’s military members arises when the member is given orders to relocate. In situations such as these, new court orders will often be necessary if the member is a parent to a minor child but no longer in a relationship with that child’s other parent. Here, a parent could be requesting the Court’s permission to relocate with the child (commonly known as a “move away” order) or a new visitation schedule or division of travel expenses to accommodate a move. For any of these issues, Tot Law’s San Diego military attorneys can give the member the best chance at achieving success in these custody matters as well as in all others for which we provide representation. We fight for military members because they fight for us, and because they deserve the very best advocacy when considering their rights as parents.

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

When on deployment, servicemembers have special rights which mandate at least one 3-month continuance to allow for the member to return home or to arrange for appropriate representation. However, rights such as these are not automatic, and must be affirmatively exercised by the member. If you are a servicemember who has received notice of legal proceedings in San Diego County while you are stationed elsewhere, please call the Tot Law, APC offices at 619.794.2018 immediately in order to protect yourself and ensure that you have the representation you need to protect your children, finances, and everything else at risk during these types of proceedings!